Hello, and welcome to my site.  My name is Lyn Bedford-White and I am mad about fermented foods! 


Following an illness involving the colon I started looking into what I could do to help myself stay clear of any return of the illness. 


My sister, who has studied nutrient extensively, told me about fermented foods and the beneficial effect they have on the gut bio Nome.   This seemed to make sense to me, so I started with Kefir, and it has now become a wonderful fun hobby encompassing kefir, fermented vegetables, kombucha and other fermented drinks.  If nothing else it has helped immensely in my recovery and regaining full health. 


About Me

Nowadays there is always something bubbling away on my kitchen work surface, fermenting in the fridge, or even, something lurking in the airing cupboard sometimes!  Whether it has stopped any return of the illness, I will let you know in 20 years time!


All the information and recipes on this site I have been making on a regular basis and tweaked to my tastes, and I hope you enjoy them.  I also try to avoid refined carbohydrates and include prebiotics and fermented foods (probiotics) in my diet on a daily basis and use only “good” fats. 


That’s my aim, but sometimes it goes haywire especially where chocolate is concerned! 

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