Fermented Cherry Tomatoes

These are great with cheese or salads and make super finger food. They are one of my favourites! Also it's a really good why of preserving tomatoes if you have too many. Also, as they have been fermented, they are probiotic!


250 grams of Cherry tomatoes 1 small garlic glove Fresh thyme or basil ½ teasp sea salt ½ tablespoon of kefir whey or culture starter Filtered water

½ litre flip to jar


This will make sufficient to fill ½ litre flip top jar.

Chop the garlic, thyme or basil and halve the tomatoes. Place them into the jar leaving a little space at the top.

Mix the salt with a cup of filtered water and leave it to dissolve.

Pour the whey or juice from fermented veg or ⅛ teasp of starter culture over the tomatoes. Then fill the jar with the salty water leaving space at the top of the jar.

Clip the jar shut and leave it on the work surface in a warm space and out of direct sunlight for 2 days. Check each day and fully submerge any tomatoes that have risen out of the water.

Leave to ferment for 2 to 3 days depending how warm the room is. You will know they are fermenting when you see small bubble appear in the jar. Should white spots of yeast appear on the tomatoes this is not harmful. Scoop it off and submerge the tomatoes. An indication that the tomatoes are ready for the fridge is the liquid will turn slightly cloudy, then place the jar in the fridge.

The tomatoes can be stored for up to 3 months, but in our house they would have been consumed long before that!

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