Happy New Year

Well… the festive time is over, and a lot of people start to think of a healthier life style. More exercise is one essential way to a better health, and so too is our diet. I thought it would be a good time to remind you of the benefits of fermented foods - these being, milk kefir, fermented vegetables and kombucha. Even if you only include one of these foods in your diet it will be beneficial, but all three add up to a power house of probiotics!

I have put links on all the appropriate items to see how to start fermenting and the articles also list the benefits of each one.

Milk Kefir is one of the quickest and easiest ways to start. Once you have you Kefir granules and they are up and running it only takes 12 – 24 hours to make your Kefir.

When fermenting vegetables, sauerkraut again is quick and only needs minimal amount of equipment to start. It only takes 3 day to ferment!

Kombucha take approximately a week, but again once it is up and running it just plods away and is very easy to make.

Happy New Year and happy fermenting! If you need any help or guidance please get in touch.

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