Making Milk Kefir Workshop

Have you wonder how to use and make milk kefir? Well... come and learn a new skill in 2018 - Fermenting food for health and well-being.

This is the first in a series of workshops for fermenting foods. It will look at all aspects of making milk kefir and its uses.

Kefir is a unique fermented dairy product that’s one of the most probiotic-rich foods on the planet. Its benefits are incredible for healing gut issues, enhancing the immune system and strengthening bones.

The workshop will consist of discussions on the benefits of milk kefir and all aspects of fermenting milk, demonstrations and samples to try! The first demonstration will be the basic method to make kefir, and there will be suggestions for its uses. This will be followed by a section on making whey, and its uses, and finally, how to make kefir cream cheese and suggestion on herbs and flavourings. There will be samples to try and maybe some to take home, if they haven't already been consumed!

This workshop will give all the skills you need to make milk kefir with confidence.

Saturday 10th February 2018 - 2.00pm to 5.00pm

Venue: Upper Beeding, West Sussex (full details of venue on booking)

Cost £25 - Pre-booking required.

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